Flea Pest Control Blacktown

Fleas are one of the biggest nuisance pests in the home as they infest areas and bite. Due to their life cycle they are very hard to eliminate, meaning you will require our professional assistance.

As many people are aware, dogs and cats can become infested with fleas very easily as they are low to the ground. When out walking, fleas can hitch a ride to your pet and as they breed very quickly it’s not long until you are getting bitten too.

Our Flea Pest Control Blacktown is very thorough and we will give you back control of your home. Treatment of all soil and grass areas outside and under the property is included.

Inside of the property is treated, in addition to infested areas such as sofas, pet beds and so on. We then treat the entire floor area with our flea treatment which ordinarily takes about 1 hour to dry.

Preparation for a Flea Treatment

  • Close all windows prior to the technician’s arrival
  • Remove all vehicles from the garage and park on the street where possible
  • Clear all floor surfaces of shoes, toys or other obstructions, as shown above
  • Remove any pet droppings
  • Mopping of flooring is recommended before treatment, as treatment should be left for up to 7 days
  • Vacuum all floor surfaces & empty contents of vaccum & place on plastic bag & tie knot in bag before placing in bin
  • Grass should be mowed the day before Treatment
  • All Pets should be Treated before Treatment also
  • Ensure driveway access for our technician’s vehicle so we can run hoses around your home with ease

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