General Pest Treatment Blacktown

Buzz Off Termites & Pest Management will thoroughly and efficiently eliminate pests from your home, all with a full warranty.

Our General Pest Treatment Blacktown includes:

Carpet beetles, common cockroaches, paper wasps, silverfish, webbing spiders (red back spiders included at no extra cost)

All treatments are family and pet safe, resulting in no staining or odour. Chemical used is the very best & safest on the market, it is a  Termite Repellant (not prevention), & is mixed at the highest rate for maximum protection & longevity.

Rest easy thanks to our thorough undertaking of General Pest Treatments. We have 100% confidence in knowing the job is done right the first time and back it with a full warranty. Treatment normally last 12 months, sometimes longer!

What is involved in our General Pest Treatment?

Yard Area: Using a bulk tank with high pressure sprayer we carefully treat everything in your property’s yard which may be harbouring pests. With our General Pest Treatment, we ensure nothing is missed!

External of Dwelling: We thoroughly treat the external of your property, including entrance areas, eaves, gutters, down pipes, window frames, doors, vents, fittings, balconies and hand rails.

Internal Dwelling: Using a hand pressure sprayer we treat all skirting boards available throughout all internal parts of the dwelling, including garage.

Kitchen and Laundry Areas: Cockroach gel bait is placed inside every kitchen cupboard and other places where we deem it necessary. We will then treat your electrical appliances and any sliding door cavities, as they are known hiding spots for spiders and cockroaches.

Bathrooms and Ensuites: As part of our General Pest Treatment we will cover bathrooms and ensuites, treating any cracks and crevices included under the bath tub.

Sub Floor, Roof Void and Wall Cavities:  Using a high volume dust applicator we treat this entire area, which sees great results.

Cornices: To finish off our General Pest Treatment Hills District we check and eliminate any little spiders hanging around the cornices of your property.

Preparation for a General Pest Treatment Blacktown

  • Close all windows prior to the technician’s arrival
  • Remove all vehicles from the garage and park on the street where possible
  • Clear all skirting boards of shoes, toys or other obstructions, as shown above
  • No clothes on clothes lines
  • Remove any pet droppings
  • Mopping of flooring is recommended before treatment, as treatment should be left for up to 7 days
  • Ensure driveway access for our technician’s vehicle so we can run hoses around your home with ease

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