Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Report Blacktown

Congratulations, you have finally found a property to purchase! We all know how time-consuming and stressful the process is. Now let us help with a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Report Blacktown to ensure that once purchased, you haven’t inherited someone else’s problem.

At Buzz Off we guarantee an independent and unbiased report (10+ pages & includes pictures of problem areas) on the property that is both accurate and honest. Fully licensed and insured with our Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Reports in Blacktown, we offer a thorough Inspection to the property using only the best equipment available.

Pre-Purchase inspections report on timber pests, termites, borers, wood decay and fungal decay. Our comprehensive reports outline any timber pest property damage infestations, high moisture levels, high risk areas, recommendations, suggestions and photos if required of any problem areas.

Are you concerned you may have found termites in or around your home?

We are experts in our field & are here to assist you!
1.   Do not disturb area
2.   Do not spray area with insect spray
3.  Take a photo as close to area as possible – so we can zoom in with clarity
4.  Fill in form below & attach your photos & we will contact you ASAP


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