Termite and Pest Control Doonside

As the top providers of professional termite and pest control services in Doonside, we are committed to providing reliable and safe services, while offering reasonable prices.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

By making customer satisfaction our top priority, Buzz Off Termites and Pest Control Doonside offer a professional, friendly and honest service. We ensure your satisfaction with each and every service because we really do care!

We Use only the Best Products Available

When it comes to chemicals, you get what you pay for. We understand that for comprehensive removal of termites and pests, the very best chemicals are needed to get the job. We avoid cheap and ineffective chemicals to ensure we complete the job right the first time.

Odourless & Safe Products

By using non-staining and odourless products, we guarantee that our services are extremely safe for people and pets. You can rest assured that all odourless and safe products used by us are mixed as per manufacturer recommendations for long-lasting protection.

Quality Pest Control Services

Quality Pest Control is achieved by being thorough and efficient. In less than two hours, we can complete a General Pest Treatment on a single level home. We recommend undertaking an annual general treatment for year round protection. Our exterminators also offer a full written warranty with every pest control treatment.

We Are Fully Licenced, Accredited & Insured

When looking for help with termite and pest problems, engaging a licensed, accredited and insured termite and pest exterminator is crucial to safe and effective termite and pest control in Doonside. Trusting Buzz Off is easy knowing that we are a leading licenced, accredited and insured pest control in Doonside with a valid NSW license and insurance certificate available for proof upon request.

On-Time Service

We won’t keep you waiting! Buzz Off understand that life can get busy, so our qualified technicians will arrive on time for each and every appointment. We are more than happy to answer any queries you might have about your termite and pest treatments, because we respect you and your home.

Are you concerned you may have found termites in or around your home?

We are experts in our field & are here to assist you!
1. Do not disturb area
2. Do not spray area with insect spray
3. Take a photo as close to area as possible – so we can zoom in with clarity
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