Termites… Don’t be mislead!

We are often surprised and somewhat astounded at some of the information supplied (scare tactics) to people in regards to Termites so hopefully this page may give you some basic knowledge on Termites….

  1. Termites are not ants, but are similar in shape and size and colony structure.
  2. There are many different species of Termites in Australia not all Termite species can attack your home.
  3. In NSW we have 3 main species of Termites to be concerned about, which are Coptotermes, Shedorhimotermes, Nastutermes.
  4. Different species of Termites require different means of elimination, this is very important as it may be the difference between minimal damage to a home or severe damage and the amount of time active Termites are within you home.
  5. Different species of Termites cause different amounts of damage to structures.
  6. There is not one treatment that suits all Termite species when it comes to effective elimination.
  7. Termite species within NSW are subterrainan, this means they mainly travel beneath soil & for this reason we recommend Termite protection is installed.
  8. Flying Termites are Termites from a established Termite nest whom are out to establish their own colony this attempt is unlikely to succeed due to the odds of finding ideal circumstances to reproduce.
  9. Termite elimination time period, this all depends on the species and if being treated correctly best case 4-6 weeks for total elimination of Termites within a home.
  10. Subterrainan Termite nests can contain 100000 to 2000000 individuals and this is why if you ever come across them in your home professional help is required and the worst thing to do is try and eliminate yourself as you may just end up spreading them throughout your home causing major damage and making elimination so much longer, do not spray with insect spray.
  11. Termite prevention, there are many ways to protect your home from Termites this is why we don’t just supply or promote one form of Termite prevention. Chemical perimeter barriers are very effective and if possible recommended, we have monitoring systems, reticulation systems even non poisonous chemical option is available, call us for further advice or information… We really do care!

Are you concerned you may have found termites in or around your home?

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1. Do not disturb area
2. Do not spray area with insect spray
3. Take a photo as close to area as possible – so we can zoom in with clarity
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