Wasp Pest Control Blacktown

Papernest Wasp and Mud Wasps are very common in New South Wales, and these guys can be very aggressive. With our Wasp Pest Control Blacktown, we use a high volume sprayer which treats the nests with bifenthrin, quickly knocking out the wasps inside and leaving residue down to get any wasps that return later. After a short while, the papernest will dry out and drop off.

As part of our pest management services, we offer Bee, Bird Lice, Moth and Wasp Pest Control Blacktown. This involves a spot treatment applied directly to the area concerned, using only the safest and most effective products. Wasps and Bird Lice are normally taken care of with our General Pest Treatments.

Other services include:

Bee Treatment: For Bee Treatments in Blacktown, we locate and treat using a residual chemical that knocks the nest out and stays on the nest to take care of any additional bee’s landing on or in it.

Bird Lice Treatment: Normally occurring in roof voids, our Bird Lice Treatment in Blacktown uses a chemical in powder form to treat. Note that liquid chemicals cannot be used in roof areas.

Case Making Moth Treatment:
 Using a quick knock-down chemical we locate and treat the area. This treatment is safe for use in food preparation areas.

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